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Interested in partnering with Delightfully Tacky?  Huzzah! You've arrived at the right place!  Does your shop or blog cater to awesome, smart ladies who love adventure, DIY projects, interior decor, and vintage inspired eclectic style?  Sweet.  Because that's how I would describe my readers.  Let's talk partnership!  I prefer to work with shops, companies, and brands who reflect both my personal style, and my commitment to sustainable and ethical clothing.  While I know that money makes the world go round, and it certainly allows me to run this blog on a daily basis, I have a desire to partner with those companies, blogs, and shops which match the vision of Delightfully Tacky and, more importantly, myself.  Partnering with Delightfully Tacky should be a mutually beneficial relationship and I truly love being able to support those who choose to partner with me, while still keeping the content of my blog honest and genuine.  

Delightfully Tacky has grown to over 12,000 subscribers and averages 7,000 pageviews per day. If your business targets young, creative, adventurous women interested in fashion, travel, and vintage, Delightfully Tacky would be a perfect fit for advertising! 
Delightfully Tacky is consistently growing and reaching new lovely readers on a daily basis.  I blog mostly about daily personal style, travel, DIY and cooking adventures, and things that inspire me.


- 200,000+ average monthly pageviews
- 5,000+ average daily pageviews
- 5894 subscribers via google friend connect
- 9091 subscribers via bloglovin'
- 9,032 subscribers via rss and other subscription services
(updated 12/7/13)
-Facebook: 5945 fans 
-Twitter: 5484 followers
-Pinterest: 10,525 followers
-Instagram: 5454 followers
-Lookbook: 3788 followers
-Chictopia: 2123 followers
(updated (12/7/13)


Elizabeth accepts items that match her personal style and aesthetic and are produced in the one or more of the following ways: ethically/fair trade/made in the USA/vintage.  If you would like Elizabeth to style something, please contact for rates and options.


Giveaways are posted on Fridays, and they last a week, so there are 4-5 giveaway spots available every month.  Giveaway posts start at $200 and must be for item(s)/gift card(s) over $50 in value.  If you have questions, please contact  If you don't have questions, and are ready to move forward, you may purchase a giveaway post below.  Giveaway posts submitted are subject to approval.

There are three ad sizes available-, Large, Medium, and Small.
You can choose to purchase one or two months at a time.  If you choose to purchase two months at a time, the price is discounted.  If you're interested in purchasing more than 2 months at a time, to discuss the details of your sponsorship.


You may start your ad at any point during the month.  Your ad will go up once you've uploaded your ad image and url and the ad has been approved.  Advertisers whose content is either questionable or not consistent with Delightfully Tacky's vision or readership will not be approved.
Because this blog is my personal blog, I don't post press releases, giveaways, or features from companies which I haven't reviewed or looked into personally.  My readers trust that the opinions and thoughts that I post are my own, so posts written about any products sent to me will be in my own words, and while you may send information about a product you are sending me for me to look over, I will not be copy/pasting talking points or paragraphs about your product.

I am always open to new ideas and i'm willing to work with your business to help you get the most out of your partnership. Please keep in mind that while I appreciate all inquiries, I only to partner with those  whose businesses reflect both my and my readers' interests- please never hesitate to ask though!
Contact me at for any questions!

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