Maternity Style // Week 24

Almost all caught up to my current week (28)!  I spent almost all of the 2nd trimester feeling not really pregnant, more like I-just-ate-too-many-tacos, but by the end of it I was definitely sporting a legit bump.  This is one of the few actual maternity tops that I picked up, mostly because it doesn't scream maternity.  One of my favorite thrifted tops that I had years ago I realized was a maternity top after finally looking at the tag after having worn it many a time!  So there are some maternity specific clothing that most definitely can transition to post-pregnancy style.  I plan on belting this up as a tunic after the bump is gone!

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DIY Midcentury Entryway Bench Makeover

My parents have had this TV cabinet for... decades.  Like, I'm pretty sure they might have had it when they lived in California, which is almost 30 years ago.  It was a boring piece of furniture, and minimally functional as a TV stand.  When we moved into the apartment it was in here with a TV on it, but we moved the TV and I put this thing over by the front door as a place to keep shoes and bins of scarves and mittens.  It was still kind of ugly but at least it was more functional as an entryway piece.  At first I thought about painting the top and bottom white, but then I decided to give it a midcentury-inspired refresh with some marble contact paper and tapered legs!  

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Maternity Style | Week 22 + 23

Maternity Style | Week 22 + 23

If you ever need to feel bad ass, put on some dark lipstick, black clothes, and a spiky necklace.  Works wonders.  I promise.  I actually am craving some new dark lipshades, and Bite Beauty was suggested to me by some folks as an awesome natural beauty product company.  Their darker shades are definitely calling my name right now.  Maybe it's the change of the season too.  Dark lipstick always feels right when the temperature drops.  I accidentally left my darkest lipshade with a model on one of my photo shoots, so I've been custom making my own dark lip color by mixing black lipstick with one of my more scarlet reds, which works alright.

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Chic File Cabinet DIY Restyle

I was bummed to get rid of our cute yellow file cabinet when we moved, but I knew that trying to fit a big ol' file cabinet in our tiny Uhaul was just going to take up space we needed for more important stuff.  I figured it'd be easy to find another cheap second-hand file cabinet when we got to Anchorage and that spending 20 bucks on a file cabinet was worth not trying to shove it in a Uhaul trailer that was already going to be packed to the gills.

I'm actually glad we ended up getting a new file cabinet because we needed a 3-drawer one anyway, as our 2-drawer one was getting a little too full.  I found the cabinet below at Value Village for only 12 bucks and knew it'd be a great candidate for a makeover.

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Maternity Style // Week 19 + 21

I won't lie, I'm getting to the point where I miss my old clothes and having a waist and dressing the way I'm used to dressing.  At 19/21 weeks, when I shot these outfits, I could still pull off a pretty non-maternity look, but at 28 weeks now I'm approaching the "large and in charge" phase of pregnancy.  Luckily I've acquired some stretchy, but cute, things that have been really nice for getting dressed without feeling like a total scrub (although there are definitely days I spend the whole day in sweats or leggings.

Dressing for pregnancy is definitely a challenge, especially because your body looks so different than you're used to it looking. I need to go thrifting again because last time I scored big time on some really cute (non-maternity) things that work perfectly for a growing bump and those items really helped me be able to get dressed and still feel like I look nice.  Having 3 or 4 more pieces in my closet that fit that bill will be nice, especially for remixing.  I'm really not into buying maternity-specific clothes, except pants, which are the best.  Having clothes that work for a bump but will transition easily into being regular non-pregnant clothes is my goal when shopping.  I don't want to end up with a bunch of stuff that doesn't work once the bump is gone.  

Dress : Forever 21 (similar) | Cardigan : c/o Modcloth (similar)| Necklace : c/o Tribe Jewelry
Shoes : c/o Seychelles (similar) | Belt : Souvenir Shop in Calico, CA
photos by Dan

maternity style

Dress : c/o Modcloth (similar) | Shoes + Necklace + Shades : c/o Moorea Seal

Maker of the Month: Amy of Little Bright Studio

Maker of the Month- Little Bright Studio

This is a series I've wanted to do for a long time and I'm SO excited to finally get it started!  One of the things I loved about blogging back in the day was the Blogger of the Moment feature I did.  I got to interview other bloggers I liked, and most of those bloggers became real-life friends, plus it was fun being able to share cool people with my readers and send them over to follow new, rad folks!  

Over the years I've been inspired by so many super cool lady makers who are running amazing creative businesses, and I want to share them with you, because a) they're inspiring AF, b) who run the world? Girls. and c) you should go support them and their small businesses!

My first Maker of the Month is Amy of Little Bright Studios!  Amy makes, quite possibly, the cutest bags of all time.  I remember coming across her stuff a year or two ago and was so taken with how fun and bright her creations were.  I was so excited to do a little interview with her about her creative business and get to know her a little better!

Tell us about your creative business! What do you do? How did it start? Where do you want to take it?

My name is Amy, owner of Little Bright Studio, a handbag and accessories brand based in Portland, OR. With my bags, fun and function come in equal parts: I want them to bring a little sunshine to the world, while giving the wearer a piece that is practically designed and long­ lasting. Little Bright Studio became official five years ago when I closed my portrait photography business to focus on what I love most. It has been a slow progress ever since, but I believe it has allowed me to invest thoroughly in how my brand speaks its message. My goal for Little Bright Studio is to become an internationally recognized brand with strong ethical standards and always synonymous with fun and quality!

What do you do to keep your creative juices fresh and flowing?

I have to make a confession: It’s unbelievable challenging to nurture your creative drive when running a business solo. Because most of my time is spent marketing, researching, customer service, business outreach, etc, creativity can sort of slip away if I let it. The best way I have found to counter this is to actually schedule time to paint, draw, sew, collage, or write. Taking the time to let myself immerse in art does wonder for my business and my sanity.

What is your favorite part about having a creative business?

I’m not gonna lie to you, I seriously love creating spreadsheets to track inventory, finances, wholesale accounts, and just about any other data­ related need! Haha, Of course, I LOVE the aspects of creating pretty things, getting to know people, working with other makers and such, but I thought I’d give a shout out to those entrepreneurs who LOVE their spreadsheets as much as I do.

Do you have a routine that helps you stay balanced? If so, what do you feel is most important to your routine?

Now that I finally have a separate studio 5 miles from my residence, I am sticking to a regular 9­6ish schedule, which of course, is terrible because I want to work 24/7, but it keeps me grounded and able to function better. I also stick to my daily to­-do list as much as humanly possible, beginning with answering emails, making phone calls, and then heading into the meaty part of the list.

Little Bright Studios

What are the biggest struggles associated with having a creative business?

My number one challenge at the moment is reaching that niche market for bags that are bright, colorful, and have a higher price-­point. It is as market that relies heavily on brand loyalty and passionate word of mouth. It is satisfying when I am able to meet more of these ideal fans.

Do you have any advice for others who are thinking about starting a creative business or pursuing a creative career?

It’s not going to happen overnight. And that’s a positive thing, because you DO want to be 99.9% ready when an unexpected opportunity arises down the line after years of hard work. Often times these opportunities occur because you have cultivated a community that respects you, so be kind, be generous with your knowledge, and TRUST ME, the right things will come your way.

Other than what you create for your business, do you have any creative pursuits that are merely for your own pleasure?

I am hoping to score a nice used easel to put in the corner of my living room so that I can be creative outside of my business once again. I have several dress and quilt patterns I need to convince myself to make.

What other makers, creative folk, shops, instagrams, etc. are inspiring you at the moment?

Quiet Clementine in Arkansas for her playful ceramics, Jill Makes from Louisiana makes colorful jewelry, ORU here in Portland waves teenie tiny beads and mixes them with metals for her fine jewelry, and Natelle Draws Stuff in Florida fills my life with the cutest enamel pins in the universe.

Little Bright Studio

Is there anyone who encourages you to pursue your dreams and goals of living a life with creativity at it's core? How do they do that?

Some days I can’t believe how lucky I am in being surrounded by friends, family, fellow makers who are extremely supportive of me, especially on days when it’s tough to see the value of your work. They remind me that creating art is NECESSARY, that my product has an audience, and that’s okay to feel sad at times. My mom, of course, is my biggest cheerleader.

What was the path that brought you to where you're at with your creative business right now? Any specific, notable moments you remember that led you to where you are now?

It’s been 12 years since I began sewing handbags for fun on my mom’s old Sears Kenmore machine. For many years, I stuck to creating one of a kind designs, which was a LOT of fun, but obviously, that kind of business model is tough to maintain sustainably, so I opted to create collections instead. This new collection draws from some designs that debuted on my shop 2-­3 years ago, but I was never satisfied with either the materials I used or their construction. I applied feedback past customers provided into creating a higher quality (and more fun!) product that I can be 100% proud of calling my creation.

Make sure you head over and check out Little Bright Studios' shop, and give them a follow on Instagram and Facebook!

If you know of a rad lady who runs a creative business making super awesome stuff who you think should be our next Maker of the Month, submit them at the bottom of the page here!  We love learning about new BA Chicks making stuff, running business, and being generally kick ass and creative.

All photos c/o Little Bright Studios, except last photo via @lalafauxbois

Maternity Style // Week 18

Well folks, it's begun.  I bought a crib and baby clothes.  The first actual baby things I've bought during this pregnancy.  Our nursery room is cleared out (it used to full of stuff in storage), and it's a blank slate!  It's super bizarre to think that a real live baby will be in there by Christmas.  A fact that I'm pretty positive won't sink in until I've pushed it out and am holding it in my arms.  

Little yellow leaves have started falling and it's been interesting to think about how my trimesters have synced up with the changing seasons.  I've been enjoying the shift in season, and I'm so looking forward to having a "real" winter this year, complete with snow (don't let me down, Anchorage!).  I'm usually holding on to summer for as long as I can, but there's something about this year that has me craving the crisp, chilly days of fall and winter, and I'm not even a PSL person!

Dress (old) : c/o Modcloth | Succulent Crown : handmade | Necklaces : c/o Tribe Jewelry

What's in my everyday makeup bag

My makeup bag (well, my non-burlesque makeup mag, that is) is pretty basic and minimal.  Other than my trusty eyeliner, there's not much that I wear every day.  If I'm going out of the house I typically do eyeliner, foundation, and blush, with a bit of lipliner/chapstick.  Or if I'm super lazy... just eyeliner.  If I'm feeling super not lazy, I do a subtle brown smoky-ish eye shadow with a bit of shimmer to it.  

While I have lots of more crazy makeup (bright colors, lots of glitter, giant false lashes, etc.) in my make up case for burlesque shows and other non-casual outings, this is the makeup I keep on my counter for every day use.  And now that I have a super cute little pouch to keep it in from Moorea Seal, it's even more organized!

One thing I've been wanting to do lately is start to transition my makeup products to be more natural and organic.  I've tried making my own cosmetics in the past and was *meh* about the results, but I know there are quite a few cosmetic companies out there dedicated to making eco-friendly, natural products without loads of weird chemicals and I've been on the hunt, so that as I run out of my current products I can replace them with more healthy versions.  Let me know if you guys have any natural makeup brands that you swear by!  I'm all ears!

Makeup Bag c/o Moorea Seal

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper
Motives Eyebase
Mac Keepsakes Beige Eyes Palette
Motives custom eyeshadow palette
(creme fresh, sequins, steamy night, hot chocolate)

Burt's Bees BB Cream in Light
Motives Pressed Powder in Neutral
Mac Powder Blush in Emote (discontinued, but NYX's Taupe blush is a good replacement)
Face Atelier Ultra Blush in Tangerine

Palladio Lipliner in Spice

Maternity Style // Week 17

Guys.  We need to talk about maternity jeans.  I know, if you're not pregnant you're probably like, "no, we actually don't."  But let me tell you, they are a godsend.  And if you're not pregnant and you like eating a lot of food at, say, Thanksgiving... you just might want to grab yourself a pair of these bad boys.  Life changers, I say.  And also: thank god for designers making decent maternity pants these days.  Pretty much every woman from my mom's generation laments to me about the maternity wear options when they were pregnant saying that everything looked super dumpy and gross.  I pour one out for you, ladies (well also: I pour one out because I can't drink it anyway.  Sad face).  These Jessica Simpson maternity jeans are my only maternity jeans and I need to buy at least 1 more pair because they are the only pants I wear any more.  Oh stretchy, high waistband: bless you.  

My "Death before Decaf" shirt has become my new favorite because: irony.  I only drink decaf now, so this shirt is like an inside joke to myself.  I actually got berated (okay, berated might be too strong of a word) by a barista recently for ordering a decaf americano and I was all, "It's for the baby." Already blaming things on this kid.  Apparently I'm still not pregnant enough for people to immediately notice I'm "with child" and understand the decaf thing.  I get it, uppity male barista, I too was once behind that counter slinging artisan 'spro, just give me my decaf crack and let me be.

Top + Jacket (both old) : c/o Modcloth | Jeans : Motherhood Maternity | Shoes : c/o Seychelles
Necklaces : c/o Tribe Jewelry | Shades + Hat : vintage
photos by Dan

Maternity Style // Week 16

This entire outfit is something that I kept during our pre-move purge because I knew it'd last me through my entire pregnancy.  The top has a peplum-esque bottom to it that is perfect for a growing mid-section, and the skirt, which I used to wear at my natural waist, now fits just right with the waist band above my bump.  I'm tempted to re-style this outfit when I'm well-into my 3rd trimester and see how it works with a big ol' bump.  The peplum top pretty well camouflaged my bump at 16 weeks.  Until I was at least 20 weeks I wasn't really showing all that much and felt weird "rocking the bump," as they say, since it mostly just looked like I ate way too many tacos.  

It's kind of funny realizing things about pregnancy.  I remember seeing pregnancy outfit posts on other people's blogs and thinking their bumps looking cutely styled and, really I'm only just now (I'm 27 weeks when this post gets published) actually showing that much, which means I only have 1 trimester of actual baby bump maternity style.  Kind of funny!  I've heard lots of people say that with your first kid your bump is much smaller and starts getting big much later than with subsequent pregnancies, so who knows, maybe if I end up going through this again someday later, I'll have more weeks of large-bump outfits.  I actually have enjoyed being more incognito with this pregnancy.  I'll tell you, it helps when you go into the liquor store to buy your husband a 6 pack (but I still feel like I'm going to get "caught," even though I'm SO of-age and also not drinking it myself).  Not sure how many more weeks I have of liquor store shopping without dirty looks though...  and really, going in there is cruel anyway.  I miss wine #realtalktho.

Top (thrifted) + Necklace : Free People | Skirt : c/o Modcloth | Shoes : c/o Moorea Seal
photos by Dan

A little home update

Easy Gallery Wall

We've been here for... 3 weeks?  Dang, time flies!  I've been plugging away on house projects which has helped this place start feeling more and more like home.  One huge thing that makes a place feel homey is getting art on the wall.  I have a ton of art, some of it my own from my printmaking days in college, and most of it by other rad artists and printmakers.  My favorite thing is that quite a bit of the artwork I've accumulated has been by local artists.  I love supporting local artists and makers when I can, and it's really awesome now to have art on my walls that reminds me of Tacoma because it was made by Tacoma artists.

sources for above artwork/pieces: 
Chalkboard key hook : Urban Outfitters | Cadillac Print : mine | Block Party Print : Year Round Co.
Camera Print : Christine Berrie | Redhead print : mine | Wintergrass print : Beautiful Angle
Bright Side print : A Vintage Poster

A big project I wanted to get done was our standing desk area.  We don't have a room in this apartment that could really work as an office, but this corner of the entry/living room was a dead space that I felt would work perfectly as an office space with a standing desk.  I originally had a regular desk in this corner, but it felt too big and in the way, the standing desk not only is much lower profile (it's only 18 inches deep), but since it's custom built I could make an L-shaped desk that gave us twice as much desk space, plus kept the baseboard heater uncovered (which will be ideal come winter).  Another bonus?  It's just 10 screws into the wall, so if it ever needs to be removed, the clean-up is super minimal and it's back to being the boring old corner it was before.  It's built using the same ideas as the standing desk in my old office, but with a few updates, like copper legs!  I plan on sharing a DIY soon! Now: figuring out what to do with those blank walls behind the computers and wrangling all the cords under the desk.

Another big change is our chalkboard wall!  It hasn't finished curing yet so I haven't covered it with chalk yet, which is why it looks decidedly more BLACK than our past chalkboard walls.  I'll be covering it with chalk this week, though, so it'll look a lot more textured and light after that.  Still, I couldn't resist getting all the art on the wall.  Even so, I love how crisp that wall looks compared to what it was before (it used to have a sponge painted texture of different shades of taupe).  I was a little worried it could make the space too dark, but I really like it and once the kitchen gets brightened up with white paint and cabinets, I think it'll look a lot less dark in the space as a whole.  Plus, since our space has a super open layout, the dark wall is totally fine.

Chalkboard wall art sources: metal gem hangings : c/o Modcloth
We're Waiting Here print : Beautiful Angle | Tacoma Artwalk + A Lemon and a Lime prints : Year Round Co.  | Cactus print : Odd Daughter Paper Co. c/o Moorea Seal
The World is Your Oyster Print : Rifle Paper Co. c/o Moorea Seal

Lastly, here's just a tiny peek at our bedroom.  This room will probably end up being last to get finished, but I'm really happy with our bed situation. We put the bed in the middle of the room and created a faux "wall" with the hanging flag to create a walk-in closet (and to hide the open closet).  Any way, this room is pretty low on my priority list but I'm happy with this little spot!
(Flag + quilt via Urban Outfitters, Pillowcases are vintage).

Maternity Style // Week 15

All hail stretchy fabrics!  This is one of the few dresses I kept in my closet to move up to Anchorage because I knew it'd be able to grow with my growing belly (sidenote: is there any other word besides "belly" and "bump"?  Belly makes me think of jelly... jelly bellies?  Eh. I guess bump is less visceral at least).  This is one of my favorite dresses in my closet but it's just a smidge too fancy for everyday wear, at least for me, so it rarely gets to make an appearance.  Solution: I just need more fun events to attend.  Now to figure out how to procure invites to events in which this dress would be appropriate garb...

The blogosphere feels so different from even a couple years ago, or perhaps I've just fallen out of the scene.  I remember going to so many blogger events and meet ups, does that still happen or am I just one of those people musing on about "the good ol' days?"  Perhaps in my sabbatical from blogging I just lost touch with any local bloggers or blogger groups.  As an introvert I find it's definitely easy to sink away from events and groups and just live in my own "fishbowl."  But I see the ocean out there and I ache to be a part of it.  Now I just have to Finding Nemo myself out there...

Dress : c/o Modcloth | Shoes : c/o Moorea Seal | Necklace : c/o Jewelmint

The Shop is Open!

The shop is open!  We've got our classic e-courses in there: our blogging e-course focused on kickstarting your blog, and our photography e-course, designed to help you get comfortable using your DSLR and become your own "pro" photographer for your blog + life.   I'm looking forward to adding more stuff to the shop in the next few months, and I have some stuff in the works currently, but I also wanted to ask you guys if you had anything you would love to see offered in the shop in terms of digital downloadable resources/printables, e-courses, and more!

For the next week, everything in the shop will be 10% off to celebrate the new shop launch!  Just use the code "HUZZAH" to get the discount! 

Maternity Style // Weeks 13 + 14


Anchorage!  It was surprisingly warm in Anchorage, I was super happy I threw this dress in my bag when I was packing.  Of course I spaced bringing any warm weather shoes, but thankfully my mom's shoes fit me well enough so I snagged some of her sandals so I didn't have stank-boot (as Tom and Lorenzo call it).  

Dressing for pregnancy has been strange in these first months.  I feel like I'm carrying pretty small (though I have nothing to compare it against personally, just photos of how other people carry at certain weeks), and I didn't really even feel like I looked very pregnant until at least week 19/20.  Mostly I'm just wider in my abdomen in general, so I haven't gone out yet "rocking the bump" since there hasn't been a very defined bump.  If I stand a certain way and push it out, it'll show, but otherwise I just look like I just ate a giant Thanksgiving dinner.  Having dresses like this in my wardrobe is nice because it is pregnancy friendly but doesn't mean I have to go out showing off my little Thanksgiving food baby.  

Since we're moving, I've been going through my closet and purging a ton of stuff that I didn't wear in the first place, but I've also put lots of stuff into storage that I love but won't fit in for a while.  All my fitted waist dresses are tucked away and only stretchy and looser fitting things have stayed.  In a way it's nice to have a fresh style start anyway.  I've felt like most of my old clothes from my style blogging days don't really fit my current personal style, so I feel more free to invest in my personal style as it is now.  Of course, I'm not really buying many clothes right now anyway since I'm an ever inflating balloon at this point, but still I like having the clean slate.

Dress : c/o Mata Traders | Sandals : borrowed from my mom | photos by my mom

Taking outfit photos at my parents' house is so nostalgic.  So many of my early outfit posts from Delightfully Tacky's early days were taken in the woods next to their house and I'm pretty sure I used this spot a time or two.  It's weird because now there is a huge house right where I used to take a ton of outfit photos!  A lot of Anchorage stays the same year in, year out, but it's changing ever so slowly.  Being back in Anchorage after living in Washington for 5 years is definitely interesting.  You see it with the eyes of an outsider, but the heart of a local.  Granted, I've changed a lot too, since I rolled out of town in my '73 Brave back in 2010.  

Moving back to my hometown is a little strange, especially since most of my time was spent living there as a kid.  I spent one year there post-college but I was mostly just working 10 hour days, saving up money for my first cross-country Winnebago trip, so I didn't really live in the city.  I never inserted myself into the culture or made new friends.  I know quite a few people from high school still live in Anchorage, but I feel so distant from that part of my life, I'm not sure if it'd be super bizarre to re-befriend old acquaintances.  We shall see how this transition goes.  It feels super awkward, stressful, and bumpy right now, but I'm hoping that once we're settled things start to fall into place.  New beginnings!

Top + Cardigan + Leggings : c/o Modcloth | Shoes : c/o Seychelles
photos by my mom <3

8 Favorite Summer Recipes

Summer is all about backyard barbecues and fresh fruits, and summer recipes are some of my favorites.  With fall approaching I'm sure I'll start to crave baked things and soups again, but I'm still craving the fresh tastes of summer cuisine.   

I've been wanting to try some new summer inspired recipes lately, but here are some of my favorite recipes from the past perfect for the sunny, long days of summer!

above: Taco Salad with Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice

Living Room Inspiration

Our new kitchen is a pretty big project that will be a little more intensive, so in the meantime I'm focusing on breathing new life into our living room.  It's already changed a ton since the image below was taken (what it looked like when we moved in), mostly just because our furniture and artwork is in there now, but I really want to give it a fresh coat of white paint (especially on the dark, heavy fireplace), some pops of color and pattern, and lots of plants!

We've got a door with a window similar to the one second to last in this post, and I've already got yellow paint to brighten it up.  I think the other walls will end up with white, but I might do a fun statement wall on one of the smaller walls.  Since we don't live here permanently I can't do super crazy stuff, so I may end up using removable wallpaper from Walls Need Love like I did in our last house, which was a really great way to update without the pressure of committing to a crazy paint job (or committing to a crazy paint job that takes months to finish.  Walls Need Love actually made that pattern into a wallpaper so you don't have to become a crazy person like me).

Images sources (except before image below): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 89 | 10

Mostly I just want the space to feel inspiring, bright, and happy.  I want lots more plants (I need a snake plant and super tall cactus, like, yesterday), and I have a couple of vintage chairs that my parents got at a garage sale that I really would love to reupholster to bring them into the vibes of the space I have envisioned.  Luckily their upholstery is super simple (basically just 4 rectangular pads), so I think I can DIY that!  

A super big project that will probably be down the line is putting built-in cabinets/shelving on either side of the fireplace.  As you can see, that whole side of the room has a sort of weird step up that makes it virtually non-functional for furniture, so building in some shelving (much like Elsie's white shelving) would make that space much more useful and I would even love to put some upholstered pads in front of the shelving next to the fireplace for reading nook seating!  Like I said, that's a huge project that probably won't happen in the next few months, but who knows, maybe I'll get a huge burst of nesting energy and go for it before the baby comes!  Now to convince my dad to help me build this cabinetry...

Fig + Honey Cocktail

I won't lie, I've been missing tasty cocktails quite a bit during this pregnancy.  Plus, it's super fun to make cocktails, but a bummer if you make them and don't get to actually enjoy them, so playing bartender hasn't been as fun either.  I actually made this delicious libation last summer for a styled shoot and totally forgot to ever post the recipe here on the blog, so here you go!

I love this cocktail so much.  I don't play around much with figs (I think my hatred of fig newtons put me off of figs), but after making this recipe I really want to explore fig recipes more!  I also really want to go do some berry picking up here in Alaska and make some stuff with fresh berries.  We had the most amazing scones that we got from a gas station/restaurant on the AlCan and now all I can think about are scones.  Berry scones need to happen.  Asap.

Fig Puree

  • 1 cup fresh figs, rinsed & halved
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 teaspoons water
  • Juice of half lemon

Add everything to a blender and blend until smooth. You can make this ahead of time and store it in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.  Recipe makes enough puree for about 4 cocktails, but you can multiply for larger quantities.

Cocktail recipe

  • 1 1/2 tablespoons fig puree
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 2 oz ginger ale
  • 1.5 oz gin
  • 2 tsp fresh lemon juice

Add the fig puree and honey to a cocktail shaker. Stir it together with a spoon until it is well combined. Add ginger beer, gin, and lemon juice and fill with ice. Shake until frosty and strain the mixture into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a halved, skewered fig! 

Maternity Style // Week 12

We're in the last few weeks of summer up here in Anchorage, but these photos were taken back at the beginning of summer in Washington!  I will miss this spot for photos, and driving this car around town.  Well, there are lots of things, and people, I will miss about Tacoma and Seattle, but I'll be back at least once before the babe arrives.  It's nice that it's only a short flight away (well, 3.5 hours might not seem short, but from Anchorage it's about the shortest flight you can take and be in the Lower 48).

I'm definitely feeling more "curvalicious," if you will, these days.  After the couple of months during my first trimester where I wanted to just sleep all day every day, I tried to stay active, but with the big move, I've fallen off of pretty much every single wagon there is.  Now that we're settled I'm focusing on getting back into a routine, bringing some fitness activities back into my life, and eating healthy and whole foods.

Top + Skirt : c/o Lulu's | Shoes : Betsey Johnson c/o Modcloth | Bag : c/o Fossil
Shades : UrbanXChange

Maternity Style | Week 10 + 11

Still not showing much, and by now I'm jealous of my ability to wear a belt around my waist!  At this point in my pregnancy the only thing that had really grown was my boobs!  And whoa, that was (and still is) quite a change!  As someone who has always had very small breasts, suddenly having them is pretty odd!  How do you people walk around with these things on your chests?  Just kidding (sort of).  It's a bit fun to see what it's like to actually have something sizable up there, and I'm glad they aren't bigger because I know things will change again once my milk comes in!  So bizarre how your body just all of a sudden flips a switch and starts making a bunch of changes! 

I've kept this dress in my closet because it's super stretchy and the fabric is soft and comfy.  I haven't worn it recently, but I think it'd still be cute, belted above the bump this time! I might break it out in the next few weeks for another styling attempt.

Cardigan + Dress : c/o Modcloth | Belt + Hat : Thrifted | Necklace : c/o Tribe Jewelry
Boots : c/o Kensie Girl

During week 11 we were in Iceland and I didn't really take any outfit photos.  We were living out of the back of a Nissan Pathfinder, which meant that I mostly wore the same outfit every day.  Getting dressed in the back of a car isn't really cute-outfit conducive, and I was more interested in being comfortable and exploring anyway.  I wore black jeans, boots, a plaid flannel top, scarf, and jacket pretty much the whole trip.

Jeans : c/o For Elyse | Coat : c/o Modcloth (2+ years old) | Scarf : H&M | Boots : Keens via REI | 
Hat : c/o The North Face | photos by Dan

Kitchen Reno Inspiration

minimalist bohemian kitchen.jpg

If you follow over on Pinterest, you've probably noticed an uptick in decor-related pins.  Moving into a new space always coincides with a search for new inspiration.  I loved our house, but I also had rearranged and decorated it so many different ways already, it will be refreshing (and a fun new challenge) to re-do a whole new space.

The biggest room I'm looking forward to freshening up is our new kitchen.  It has new wood laminate flooring, but the rest of the kitchen is sorely in need of an update.  Old, dated oak cabinets, off-white formica counters, and an ivory fridge that was probably born in the 80's.  It's nice and perfectly functional, but with a few updates I feel like the kitchen could be amazing.  We've got an open layout, so the living area and kitchen are all essentially one big space, so updating the kitchen will make a huge impact on the feel of the space.  

Overall I feel like it's got a nice layout and plenty of space.  My vision is white cabinets (I'd love to remove some of the uppers and replace with open shelving, but logistically I don't think that's do-able), maybe a new countertop (I love a wood butcher block counter, but also maybe something like a light white/grey marble look?), white walls with white subway tile backsplash, cover the fridge in some cool removeable wallpaper, and possibly give the island a colorful base (I'm loving the yellow island in my inspiration below!).  There's also some dead space next to the fridge which I'd love to utilize as either pantry open shelving, or maybe a place for organizing/admin stuff: a little desk, a calendar, cubbies for mail, etc. 

I've also learned that plants can completely transform the feel of a space, so I'd love to add lots of greenery, though definitely something low-light friendly and hardy to make it through the dark Alaskan winters!

Check out some of my favorite inspiration images below, or if you need more inspiration, head over to my Pinterest!