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low key

Do you guys have any special plans for tomorrow?  We don't.  We almost never do.  We're not "good" at stuff like Valentine's day.  Grand gestures, flowers, candy, dress-up dates.  I can't even think of a fancy date that I'd really want to go on.  It's not us, or me, which I'm perfectly happy with.  I think we might go out to breakfast or something, but other than that it's just any old day.  I do like fancy dates on the rare occasion, but they tend to happen spontaneously, rather than on days like valentines or anniversaries.   Thankfully Dan is the same way. 

dress/dainty june courtesy of modcloth :: cardigan/thrifted
bag/courtesy of rouge & whimsy :: tights + boots/target
I have a dress super similar to this one in a different fabric that I got a few years ago.  This one was on super sale at ModCloth's Cabin Fever sale, and even though I had a similar dress already I couldn't help but get it.  In the past few months my style has been shifting towards a more laid back, bohemian, tomboy look, so this dress is definitely a hold over from my more feminine, vintage style of the last couple years.  Not that I think that part of my style will ever completely phase out, but it is funny to still find myself drawn towards pieces that I know I'm not going to enjoy styling as much as I would've a year ago.  This cardigan, though, is definitely something that fits more with my changing style.  Of course, it's chartreuse, which apparently is my new favorite color.  I shouldn't be surprised about that, though, since chartreuse is basically just a mix of my other two favorite colors, mustard and avocado.  I suppose this cardigan is probably more a mustard color, but since I'm all about chartreuse lately I'm calling it chartreuse.  You never know, maybe I'll make a cocktail out of Chartreuse... in my kitchen which is painted chartreuse to really bring the obsession to a new level.

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