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Life on the road has been pretty tech-free.  We've been out of cell service for a surprising amount of nights, campground internet has been slow, spotty, or non-existent, and driving every day means no blogging.  I've been posting to instagram here and there but other that that I haven't been able to do much online.  We've got a bit of service tonight, so I thought I'd pop in here and say hi.

It's been about 10 days since our first Wildbride Retreat on the Oregon Coast.  Holy moly was it a magical weekend.  I can't wait to spend this upcoming weekend with our next Wildbrides down here in California.  I really want to give you guys a peek at the images we created, but I'm not sure if my internet connection can handle uploading photos, so that'll have to wait.  You can see some peeks over on the Wildbride Facebookwebsite, and retreat site!

Being on this trip has been so similar and different from my first trip.  A major difference is having Kristina along with me.  While I loved doing the first trip solo, it's been really fun to share stuff with another person.  My recent travels have really revealed that to me.  The importance of sharing life with other people.  I think travel just magnifies that feeling.  Being alone in Paris made it so magnified the weight was crushing.  I remember on my last Brave trip there were some things I kind of wanted to do but felt like they'd be odd to experience alone.  I still did plenty of things, but having someone to share experiences with and bounce ideas off of makes it so much better.

Okay, gotta sign off.  More road stories later.  Campground check out is at 11!  TTYL friends!

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wildbride retreat // the redwoods

Whew!  Wildbride Oregon just finished up and we are SO pumped about the incredible weekend.  I cannot wait for our next retreat in California in just 12 days!  Registration is still open until Friday and there's still space available!

Since this is my blog, I know you guys know me (as well as one can over the internet), but my retreat co-leader, Kristina, though you've probably seen her on the blog here and there, maybe not so much.  I've known Kristina since before either of us got our periods.  So, like, a long time, you guys.  Other than people I'm related to, she's been in my life longer than anyone else.  Neither of us have blood sisters, but I suspect what we have is about as close as you can get without having actually popped out of the same womb.  But anyway.  I've been sharing about my thoughts and feels about Wildbride, but Kristina is a huge part of our retreats and I wanted to give you a peek into her heart for Wildbride.  

"I'll be teaching yoga on Wildbride Retreats, and I couldn't possibly be more excited about this adventure!smile emIf you're a woman who is feeling like you're ready to shake your mane out, stretch those claws, and roar, this is so perfect for you! The retreat is 2 nights in one of our specially selected beautiful wilderness location lodges, where your's truly will be leading yoga to facilitate creating a comfortable, relaxed, fun, sacred space for you to step fully into your most radiant wild self- then capture that in beautiful photos by Liz Morrow Studios!If you're a woman who enjoys the idea of yoga and women's retreats but is wary of things getting a little too..."woowee" and are really just about getting away from it all in a safe sacred space among fellow women, allowed to explore your journey during that time in whatever way you choose, feel really radiantly beautiful, and maybe also like to just just kick it with your ladies and drink some wine (or whiskey)- this is definitely for you.

Every woman I talk to right now is healing wounds and stepping in her own power, and Wildbride is a celebration of that, in everything that embodies for you- literally.
For Liz and I, this is a dream coming true, and we can't wait for you to come celebrate yourself and that beautiful body that's taking closer to YOUR dreams every day with us!
Hope to see you there"
heart emoticon
Partnering with someone like Kristina on a project like Wildbride is so amazing.  Creating these images for women in the setting of a weekend retreat is a dream come true.  We're going into the woods for this next retreat and while I love the ocean and water, Wildbride started in the woods, amongst moss and leaves.  The Redwoods are so verdant and lush, it's going to be an amazing place to create magical Wildbride photos.  Plus, take a peek at the cozy home we'll be staying in all weekend!
If you are like, "yes, all of this, yes," we 
so want to have you join the Wildbride family!  Find out a bit more about what's included in the retreats below and head over here to become a Wildbride!


  • 2 nights' lodging at an incredible house
  • all food, drink and snacks
  • morning yoga sessions led by a certified yoga teacher
  • a one-on-one Wildbride shoot with fully edited high res digital files
  • goodie bag full of swag from incredible sponsors
  • an amazing time with rad women


  • your flight or travel to the retreat location
  • prints, albums, or canvases of your wildbride/headshot images (though they are available for purchase!)
  • custom art created by Kristina or Liz of one of your Wildbride images

Wildbride Retreat: The Redwoods
Wildbride Retreat: The Redwoods
Wildbride Retreat: The Redwoods
Wildbride Retreat: The Redwoods
Wildbride Retreat: The Redwoods
Wildbride Retreat: The Redwoods
Wildbride Retreat: The Redwoods

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