mobile photography giveaway from black anchor!

I teamed up with Black Anchor to help finish up my Wildbride retreat tote bags, and now I want to let you guys in on an awesome giveaway from Black Anchor!  Next week they're launching their brand new camera bag on Kickstarter, but before then, they're giving away one of their new bags along with an entire mobile photography studio, worth $1200!  You probably take photos and video with your phone more often than you drag out your "real" camera, right?  Don't we all, these days, eh?  This sweet set up can help you shoot amazing video and images right from your phone, without having to pull out your big ol' DSLR.

Here's what you get:  A Go Mic from RĂ˜DE Microphones, which is perfect for those of you doing vlogs and video or podcasts!  You get a set of Moment's incredible lenses and their phone case, Shoulderpod's smartphone grip + R1 pro, and last but not least, the brand new Black Anchor camera bag along with a camera strap and cord keeps. 

No more guilty feelings about shooting with your phone all the time, feel awesome.  Enter to win this goodie bag of mobile photography gear to take your mobile photos + video to the next level! 

Mobile Photo Studio

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wildbride // the sponsors!

Now that Wildbride Maui is in the books, I wanted to share our incredible goodie bag sponsors with you guys!  I really wanted to be intentional about choosing sponsors who really reflected Wildbride's women-empowering values, and hot damn if this isn't a group of really incredible women owned, women-empowering, and locally owned businesses who are kicking ass and taking names.  I can't wait to share more with you about these sponsors, but for now,  here's all of the amazing sponsors.  Check out these rad companies.

Sketchy Notions
Chelsea at Sketchy Notions, who has an amazing snapchat BTW, blew me away by hand painting prints for Wildbride that featured each Wildbride location!  Each landscape print had an empowering quote and then she went above and beyond and made a smaller quote-only print as well.  Holy moly.  These bad boys were specially created for Wildbride, so you can't snag them on her site, but no worries because she's got plenty of beautiful prints you'll be dying to hang on your wall.

I'd seen FashionABLE at a few blogging events I'd been to and I was always interested in them because of their commitment to supporting women and empowering communities.  They sent us a box full of gorgeous scarves and it was so wonderful seeing our women wrap themselves in a scarf that supported other women.

I was especially excited to partner with Pepperpot because not only is it a local Tacoma based business, it's a business run by a rad bosslady friend of mine, Mackenzie!  Mackenzie and I were actually farmers market booth neighbors back in the day when we both had different businesses making stuff.  She's come a long way since then and I'm so excited about what she's been doing in the past couple years.  Mackenzie makes handmade, 5-free, small batch nail polish and cosmetics.   Lipgloss, eyeshadow, nail polish, she does it all by hand.  And the colors are rad.  She makes my favorite gold nail polish, but really, all of the colors are stunning.  If you like doing your nails, you should totally check these out.

Noonday Collection
Noonday has been at tons of blogger events I've attended and I have a Noonday necklace of my own, so they were one of the first brands I wrote down as a potential collaborator!  Besides selling really beautiful things, they also empower women and do incredible things through their business, so I knew they'd be a perfect match for Wildbride.  I was so excited when I saw that they sent a variety of different jewelry items, from bracelets and earrings, to necklaces!

Little Sloth
Now that you can just post on someone's Facebook wall for their birthday, the fine art of sending a greeting card has become even more special.  Getting a real card in the mail?  So much more fun than a half hearted "happy birthday" from the cousin who only writes on your wall once a year.  Carlee at Little Sloth makes the most fun and adorable cards for any and all (or no) occasions.  And they're hilarious too.

Darling Distraction
In addition to women owned and women empowering companies, I also wanted to collaborate with some local Pacific Northwest companies.  Darling Distraction is an adorable little shop in Portland and we were actually able to swing by their Portland shop to pick up our sponsor bag items in person!  We hadn't discussed what she was going to contribute, mostly because I knew whatever she chose would be amazing, but I was totally surprised when she gave us three different items for each bag!  In addition to a wonderful little notebook, which was perfect for morning journaling during the retreat, she also contributed some cute cards and a rad enamel pin!

Mountain Muesli
Another local company I was stoked to collaborate with was Mountain Muesli.  They make delicious granola and granola bites and are located, literally, less than a mile from my house.  So cool!  They gave us bags of their Muesli Minis, which were perfect to give to the Wildbrides on the first day of the retreat so they could have something yummy to snack on during the weekend, well, when we weren't snacking on all the amazing food Kristina cooked!

Musana Jewelry
Having worked with Musana multiple times in the past, I was really thrilled to have them on board as bag sponsors!  Musana is another incredible company empowering women and building community, and they also have gorgeous jewelry.  They sent over their beautiful Bumba necklace, and I often saw it around the necks of Wildbrides shortly after opening their bags!

Made New Co.
Kayla made custom bracelets with the words "Wild Soul" stamped on them for every one of our Wildbrides.  Simple, clean, and with a wonderful reminder of the Wildbride weekend, she also made one for Kristina and I, so we've been rocking our Wild Soul reminders too!

Tacoma Manufacturing
These guys make some incredible stuff for rad companies, and they're located right here in my city!  I knew I wanted a cute tote bag to put all the amazing sponsor goodies in for my Wildbrides, and having been to countless events where they give you one of those cheap, screenprinted totes (I have a drawerful I finally just gave to the thrift store), I wanted to give the gals something that would at least be nicer than a mass-produced tote with a screenprint slapped on there.  I hand sewed every felt tote for the Wildbride sponsor goodie bags, but I wanted a handle that matched the aesthetic.  I hit up Stephen at Tacoma Manufacturing to see if he'd be able to help us out and he was more than happy to.   If you guys are looking to produce a leather or canvas bag to sell, these guys will do it right.

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